Move Page Image - 2015Dear Reader:

Featured below are five labors of love, e-books I wrote containing at least 100 inspirational nuggets that will hopefully prove to be just the right amount of motivational manna to keep your spirit properly nourished on a daily basis. My series of motivational books are intended to bring clarity to how you view the world and your role in it, help you seize your personal power, gain peace of mind, and develop an unwavering gratitude for the journey toward a better you. Enjoy!

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God Book I - CoverGod Book II - Cover
God Book III - Cover
Motivational Book - Vol. I - 2015Motivational Book - Vol. 2 - 2015
Motivational Book - Vol. 3 - 2015Motivational Book - Vol. 4 - 2015
Motivational Book - Vol. 5 - 2015