Give Page Image“Your Moment to Shine!” Motivational Workshop Series accepts all levels and types of corporate sponsorships. There are five (5) main levels of sponsorship: 1) Platinum – $2,500; 2) Gold – $1,500; 3) Silver – $1,000; 4) Bronze – $500; and, 5) In-Kind/Products (for the In-Kind/Products Sponsorship Level, click here). Some of the benefits corporate sponsors will receive, based on level of sponsorship, include: 1) Increased brand awareness; 2) Improved community relations; 3) Enhanced exposure of products and/or services…and many more! To view the “Your Moment to Shine!” sponsorship packages and sponsorship form, simply click on the image links below. For your convenience, you can also click on the main image link above to view a comprehensive listing of the sponsorship packages, which lists the same information as the second image link indicated below.

To send your contribution(s) via PayPal, simply click on the “Add to Cart” button next to the image denoting your desired level of sponsorship – Platinum | Gold | Silver | Bronze. Thank you in advance for deciding to partner with us as we continue the movement to transform people’s lives!!

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