Believe Page Image - 2015The “Your Moment to Shine!” Motivational Workshop Series is designed to teach participants how to dream bigger, live more meaningful lives, and to take action now! The presenter will not only share her individual life experiences that brought her to a personal moment of awakening, she will speak on the lives and legacies of some of the world’s greatest luminaries in the hopes of showing you how to create an empowering vision of your own life. The goal is for each participant to gain a more profound understanding of his/her mission in this world through the power of vision, and how to go out and achieve your dreams. High-powered and full of energy, you will learn how to readily accept change, cultivate an attitude of gratefulness, and pursue your passion on purpose. Inspiring and transformational, you will emerge as a champion on behalf of your own life, an individual equipped to handle the sometimes volatile journey that often defines the pursuit of one’s destiny. You will leave at the end of the day supercharged, proclaiming victoriously that this is your moment to shine!

PLEASE NOTE: Workshop Fees are Non-Refundable. In addition, certain fees associated with attending a workshop (e.g. registration fee, parking, etc.) are tax deductible. Read more here: (Basic Information on How to Take An Education Deduction) or (IRS Publication 970: How to Deduct Educational Expenses).

How to Create a Limitless Life!

Some of the goals you will achieve in this workshop, include:

  • Develop a clearer sense of purpose and a vision for success that will help facilitate the realization of your goals and dreams
  • Cultivate an inner trust that empowers you to be committed to your journey of growth
  • Increase confidence in your ability to create your own opportunities
  • Understand the level of discipline required to build the life you desire
  • Challenge your fears and embrace your disappointments and mistakes

How to Achieve Your Dreams!

Some of the goals you will achieve in this workshop, include:

  • Move beyond your comfort zone and develop the courage to take action
  • Live in alignment with your purpose
  • Appreciate the smaller things in life, so you can handle the bigger blessings that come into your life
  • Accept accountability and be present in every moment of your life
  • Think bolder and seek more purposeful opportunities